About Us

I’m Eugénie, I’m Dutch, and I grew up in the USA, where I studied classical music (piano and viola). Although I have always been a foodie, I have to admit that the forlorn bottle of olive oil sitting on our kitchen shelf in the US was invariably rancid.

Then I went to Italy to play in the Rome Opera, I got married to an Italian and I discovered the wonders of fresh extra virgin olive oil!

As my husband and I enjoyed going to the lush rolling countryside north of Rome at weekends, we fell in love with, and bought, an ancient olive grove.  We soon started fully dedicating ourselves to producing our olive oil, which speaks of the history of this terroir.

So, today I’m a farmer and I would love to bring Americans an “olive oil awakening” like mine. 


My husband and I are dedicated to our farm located in the Vulci area, where we have centuries-old olive groves, and we cultivate asparagus, garlic, almonds and other crops.

I really like cooking using the raw materials we cultivate and experimenting with different flavors and recipes, such as black garlic or a sauce or a sweet. Then I pass the ideas to our technologist, Vittorio, who develops the products in our artisan laboratory.

In this way, our range of products is gradually expanding. We are a very motivated team, made up of incurable lovers of “healthy and gourmet” foods.