Il Vulcino farm is situated between Lazio and Toscana.

Here stands Abbadia Castle, built during the Middle Ages, with its famous bridge which is depicted on our brand, which crosses the canyon carved by the Fiora river. It rises from a spring beneath the church of the Madonna della Neve on Monte Amiata and empties into the Tirreno Sea at Montalto di Castro.

Visitors are immediately enchanted by this area’s combination of history and luxuriant nature.

It is a volcanic zone.

Bolsena Lake which is nearby, is of volcanic origin. This means that the soil of these territories is particularly rich in minerals which render its produce particularly flavourful.

In fact, Vulci has a vast heritage variety of biodiversity.
One example of this is the olive cultivar “la caninese” (Canino). This olive tree requires many years of growth before it starts producing and then it produces an olive which has a characteristic aftertaste of almond and artichoke, which gives our olive oil its distinctive flavour.

The Etruscans already produced olive oil in this territory, as shown by the images found in their tombs.